Super Platinum Achievers


More Than $850,000 In November 2019

Adrian Teng

(Super Platinum – Pinnacle Achiever)

Our #MattLamDivision home-grown Millionaire Adrian Teng! He has always been a consistent producer, maintaining his core activity of resale. 

His focus in the Core Central Region has finally paid off as he transacted the most luxurious property in CCR.

A true affirmation of the platform provided in PropNex PNG and #MattLamDivision. 

He was equipped with the necessary skillset, knowledge and market analysis to connect with his prospect and showed the prospect the true value of the development. 

A truly remarkable achievement and he seeks to inspire PropNexians to believe in the Millionaire Dream!


More Than $300,000 In Feb 2018

Debbie Kate Loo

(Super Platinum Achiever – Pinnacle Achiever)

“Ever since joining MattLamDivision, I am definitely more motivated and focused in what I am doing now. Matthew has been very patient and encouraging, which has helped boost my confidence.

I see a difference since joining Matthew as Matthew has a penchant for bringing out the best in someone.

He doesn’t try to make everyone follow a fixed system or strictly his way per se but rather, he makes an effort to understand each person’s strength and weaknesses and directs it towards bringing out their strength to the fullest.

I’m confident that Matthew will help me reach my 2018 goal of becoming a PropNex Millionaire!”

JULY 2017

More Than $250,000 In July 2017

Alec Soong

(Super Platinum – Pinnacle Achiever)

“Alec Soong from MattLamDivision is PropNex Quarter Million TOP Producer, grossing over 250K within a month. Putting him as 2nd place Platinum Achiever in the whole of PropNex for the month of July.

He attained his breakthrough by applying the techniques and market analysis from PNG, coupled with Matthew’s trademark presentation.

He attained his breakthrough by applying the techniques and market analysis from PNG, coupled with Matthew’s trademark presentation.”

Platinum Achievers


More Than $100,000  in December 2019

Leon Hoon

(Platinum Achiever)

“MattLamDivision Leader Leon Hoon is a proud Platinum Achiever in December 2019.

His consistency and perseverance deserves the highest respect as he strives to juggle between recruitment and personal sales.

Leon has a team of more than 20 members under him and has recently been promoted to a Leader, mostly performing at the highest level.

Not only is he able to lead his team to greater success, but he is also able to balance his own personal sales, setting an exemplary example for this team!

His strengths in connecting with his clients and friends, to make them feel at ease and trust him quickly have served him well throughout his real estate career. 


More Than $100,000 in November 2019

Aaron Tay

(Platinum Achiever)

Aaron’s milestone Platinum award in November!

His perseverance and determination has finally paid off! Initially, he was finding it hard to bridge the connection with his clients.

After applying our scripts, techniques and presentation, he felt more confident and his clients saw the true value in him!

By doing a detailed market analysis, Aaron helped his client identified an undervalue development in the Marina Bay vicinity!

Kudos to Aaron and keep up the good work!

More Than $200,000 In November 2019

Linda Yang

(Double Platinum Achiever)

Linda’s milestone Double Platinum finally came in November 2019!

It has always been her goal to achieve PropNex most prestigious award ever since crossing over to PropNex at the start of the year!

She has been a consistent producer, focusing on resale and she finally experienced her breakthrough, closing more than 3 new launches in a single month, coupled with her resale transactions to achieve this Double Platinum Achiever award.

By constantly applying the scripts and frameworks such as the trademark presentation “The Essentials” provided by PropNex PNG & #MattLamDivision, she is able to connect well with her clients and friends, to show them the true value of the current market.

She sets very high standards for herself and is a perfectionist whenever it comes to her work! This award is truly an affirmation of the trust that her clients have in her!
Keep it up!

More Than $100,000  in November 2019

Jamie He

(Platinum Achiever)

Jamie is one of #MattLamDivision’s pioneers and she is consistently maintaining her high standards throughout the years.

She has matured in terms of character, knowledge, and experience, bringing whole new perspectives and dynamism to her clients.

Her focus is on CCR resale, identifying value buys for her clients.

Most importantly, she is able to build trust and alignment amongst all these HNW individuals who look up to her for her market analysis and experience in this market segment.

More Than $100,000 in November 2019

Isaac Ng

(Platinum Achiever)

Isaac achieved his milestone Platinum within 3 months of crossing over!

He attained his breakthrough by applying the techniques and marketing analysis provided by Propnex, coupled with #MattLamDivision trademark presentation, The Essentials.

He focuses on asset progression, that constantly helps families realise the dream of upgrading to a private property. He usually focuses on HDBs, and his remarkable breakthrough came in November where helped 2 families upgrade to 2 new launches respectively.

His patience, composure and maturity bring calm and assurance to his clients. A true asset to his clients as he seeks to continuously add value and provide professional service to them!


More Than $100,000 in October 2019

Brenda Koh

(Platinum Achiever)

Brenda Koh is no stranger to this prestigious Platinum award. She has been a consistent producer, taking pride in her work and constantly creating more value for her clients.

Her focus is in the resale market, where her sharp eye for details consistently helps buyers to pick out the best deals in the market.

More so, she is equipped with a unique skillset of connecting with prospect quickly, build trust and alignment in a short span of time. 

Her esteemed owners trust her completely to negotiate the best price when it comes to selling and she has definitely honed her skill in the resale trade.

More Than $200,000  in October 2019

Brenda Ong

(2 months consecutive Platinum Achiever)

Brenda’s 2nd consecutive Platinum in October!

A remarkable achievement from Brenda, as she continues to apply the skillset and pitches provided by PropNex PNG and #MattLamDivision.

Her transformation is astounding as she continues to create value for her clients and helping more families upgrade to private property.

A strong affirmation of our platform in PropNex PNG and #MattLamDivision. A milestone for Brenda as she never thought that she could have achieved Platinums in her real estate career!


More Than $100,000 In September 2019

Paul Chew

(Platinum Achiever)

Paul is one #MattLamDivision pioneers that have been supporting this family for many years. 

His focus has always been rental and ever since transiting over to PropNex, been applying the skillsets and techniques of Asset Progression.

His efforts in FaceBook marketing finally paid off as he finally discovered the framework and technique to connect with these prospects, and moreover, add tremendous values to their families by realising their dreams of owning a private property! 

Real estate is a marathon and as long as you don’t give up, you’ll definitely achieve your milestones, just like how Paul did! 

More Than $200,000 In September 2019

Brenda Ong

(Double Platinum Achiever)

Brenda Ong is a proud Platinum Achiever in September 2019. In the month of September, she transacted a combination of 4 new launches and a couple of resales. 

Brenda’s is an avid learner, constantly applying the skillsets provided by the PropNex PNG platform. She focuses on asset progression, helping families fulfil their dream of upgrading to a private property with the least risk.

I have personally witnessed her grit and perseverance, constantly upgrading herself, seeking improvements and reflections each time she finishes a presentation to her clients and friends. 

Her hard work has truly paid off and truly deserve this prestigious award!


More Than $100,000 in August 2019

William Chen

(Platinum Achiever)

William achieved his first Platinum within the first year of embarking on his real estate career.

William was a veteran in the banking industry and decided to make a change in his career by venturing into real estate.

His experience, knowledge, and perspectives give him an advantage when serving his clients in real estate. In August, his overseas client wanted to explore the options of returning to Singapore and purchasing a property.

William gave valuable insights into the market and also helped to identify an undervalued development along Roberston Quay, Martin Modern.

In #MattLamDivision, we are equipped with the skillsets to penetrate different market segments, especially the CCR segment!

JUNE 2019

More Than $230,000 in June 2019

Adrian Teng

(2 Months Consecutive Platinum Achiever)

“Adrian Teng’s 2nd consecutive Platinum in June, this round achieving more than $230,000 in a single month!

Since his first Platinum in April, Adrian maintained his consistency and grit to achieve another breakthrough and milestone!

In general, Adrian focuses on mainly the Core Central Region. Apart from maintain his strong resale base which is his core activity, he was able to add value to his client through our trademark “Essentials” presentation and recommended one of Orchard’s finest luxury property!

Kudos to Adrian for his consistency and willingness to apply! Truly deserving of the Platinum award!”

More Than $100,000 in June 2019

Wendy Tee

(2 Months Consecutive Platinum Achiever)

“Wendy Tee’s 2nd consecutive Platinum in June! A true affirmation of #MattLamDivision’s framework and structure for their members!

Wendy kept up with her reconnecting activities, going through lists of existing numbers built from her hyping days and kept applying the slides that she was equipped with!

While maintaining her strong resale base, consistently churning out new leads, she reconnected and stumbled upon an industrial opportunity with a particular client.

She applied one of the pitches that was provided by PNG and concluded the transaction. It is a strong affirmation that this platform provides the versatility and readiness to cope with the ever-changing needs of clients!”

MAY 2019

More Than $100,000 In May 2018

Jay Ong

( Platinum Achiever) – More Than $100,000 In May 2018

(2 Weeks After Getting His RES License)

“Brand New RES Jay Ong Zhengjie achieves Platinum (>100K within a month) within 2 weeks of getting his RES license under Jamie He & Associates.

At MattLamDivision, not only do we groom producers, we nurture Leaders as well. Leaders who have benefited from the PNG platform and mentorship, selflessly wanting to pay it forward – to see more lives being transformed. Jamie He is an inspirational example of such a leader.

Jay took a leap of faith to join the real estate industry, leaving his stable and high income career. Under the guidance of Jamie and the PNG platform, Jay flourished and achieved his spectacular breakthrough within 2 weeks of getting his RES license.

It is proven that our brand new RES have a headstart with a strong foundation of knowledge and statistics, giving them an extra edge in this competitive market”

More Than $100,000 In May 2019

Wendy Tee

(Platinum Achiever)

Wendy Tee achieved her first Platinum within 1 month of crossing over to PropNex.

Her tenacity and initiative deserve an applause and utmost respect!

She was an avid learner that absorbed information and skillsets quickly, most importantly, applying them immediately.

Apart from the facts and figures provided by PropNex PNG, Wendy tapped on one of the channels in #MattLamDivision.

She got in touch with many of her clients from previous hyping session, applied #MattLamDivision trademark “The Essentials 2019” slides and converted the leads to purchase new launches!

Her immediate application of the skills has helped her regain her confidence! Truly deserving of the Platinum award!

More Than $100,000 in May 2019

Adrian Teng

(2 Months Consecutive Platinum Achiever)

“Adrian Teng is another consistent producer who has achieved his Platinum milestone in May.

Having built a strong resale base under the direction of #MattLamDivision, his results has always been consistent, doubling his income year on year.

By April, he has already surpassed and doubled his previous year’s income of 200K, an affirmation of #MattLamDivision vision of doubling our income each year.

He hit his Platinum milestone in May 2019 by maintaining his strong resale base, and also implementing and apply the skillsets to conclude a new launch transaction.

This provided his income quantum leap for May 2019 and in-line with the vision of #MattLamDivision, where we maintain a strong core activity base, and then allocating the leads to the current market trend (which is new launch) to maximize our income.”

APRIL 2019

More Than $100,000 in April 2019

Jay Ong

(Platinum Achiever)

“With just 1 year experience of RES experience in his belt, Jay has already achieved 2 times Platinum achiever, a wonderful feat for an RES just starting out with the trade!

This further affirms the direction, pitches and guidance that the PNG and #MattLamDivision can provide, equipping with every agent the necessary skill and mindset to achieve the success they truly deserve.

His avid learning enthusiasm is truly respectable! No wonder Jay is a consistent performer at the monthly Star Performers!”

More Than $100,000 in April 2019

Leon Hoon

(Platinum Achiever)

“MattLamDivision Manager Leon Hoon is a proud Platinum Achiever in April 2019.

His consistency and perseverance deserves the highest respect as he strives to juggle between recruitment and personal sales.

Leon has a team of more than 16 members under him, mostly performing at the highest level.

Not only is he able to lead his team to greater success, he is able to keep up with his own personal sales, setting an exemplary example for this team!

His strong resale base ensure sustainable growth and his eye for details to pick the best new launches for his clients makes him a true asset for his clients.”

More Than $100,000 in April 2019

Jayson Ang

(Platinum Achiever)

“Jayson is a veteran in overseas properties and joined #MattLamDivision to venture and hone his skills in local properties.

Although it may be a new aspect of real estate, Jayson experienced a steep learning curve and quickly picked up the skills that PNG and #MattLamDivision had to provide, implementing different pitches and financial calculation that further expands his clients’ portfolio.

His strengths are in digital marketing and he has also created a new pitch called P.R.O.N.E that helped him connect with his leads from Facebook.

Merging both skillsets together, he achieved his Platinum in April by closing 4 new launches within the first meet-up with his Facebook leads!

His transformation is extraordinary and looks forward to inspire others to make the change!”

More Than $100,000 in April 2019

Brenda Koh

(Platinum Achiever)

“Striking another Platinum in April 2019, Brenda Koh’s consistency and continuous value-adding to her clients has elevated her to the highest level in real estate.

Under the guidance, support and platform of PropNex PNG and #MattLamDivision,

She constantly keeps up with the changes in the market and implements different skillsets that keeps her in the game.

Her perseverance and an eye for detail ensures that she is a consistent performer at the monthly Star Performers!”

APRIL 2018

More Than $100,000 In April 2018

Jamie He

(Platinum Achiever)

“I have been aiming for this Platinum award ever since I joined PropNex. It is definitely a huge validation and encouragement for myself, and I am even more determined to achieve the award again.

Matthew has contributed the most to my growth in my real estate career. His personal guidance and commitment have pushed me to pursue results beyond my own imagination.

With Matthew’s experience and customised coaching, he helped me grow my footing in my GTA in district 9/10/11. Lastly, his formidable success in his own personal sales is a constant inspiration to “Be Like Matt!”

I am also proud to call MattLamDivision my family. The synergy within the team has been a constant motivation for me to strive to achieve better.

Moving forward, I am determined to grow my own team and to transform the lives of my associates, just like how mine has been.”

More Than $100,000 In April 2018

Brenda Koh

(Platinum Achiever)

“Matthew’s age was never a concern but his maturity, heart, and 10 years of experience in Real Estate won me over.

He has proven himself to be patient, meticulous and detailed. He has given me more support and mentoring than all my previous career experiences added up together.

I’m able to attain this breakthrough is due to his commitment to know his members deeper, identify the root of problems and refining my strengths.”

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