Catherine Zhou

In my previous agency, it was basically a two-man show. It was just my manager and me.

However, since I made the decision to join MattLamDivision, it was like joining a big family with encouraging culture, wonderful team support and selfless sharing of knowledge.

I believe I had grown and matured as an individual and I look forward to more breakthroughs with the team. Since joining MattLamDivision, I’ve changed my mindset and it has helped double my sales figures for the year. I am now confident that I can value-add to my friends and clients.

Recently, I even purchased my first property and am also currently helping my friends look for their dream properties after sharing with them the current market sentiments.

This would not have been possible without Matthew’s and the team’s support. He was always there for me when I needed help or guidance, even to the extent of a call at midnight to make sure my deals were going on smoothly and to check on my progress.

Joining MattLamDivision is definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made!

Leon Hoon

A top manager with over 10 members.

It’s a total transformation for me ever since I moved from my previous company.

I felt a sense of belonging in the MattLamDivision family, coupled with the constant trainings and selfless sharing and support for all leaders and managers. My sales have even tripled from last year!

Matthew has been very supportive and has been there to guide or assist me whenever I needed help. I know that it is never easy to juggle between one’s own sales and the team’s.

He has been very encouraging and presented a lot of opportunities for me to learn and grow and at the same time, to let me explore my capabilities and potential.

With the excellent support from PNG and MattLamDivision, I’ve even been able to grow my team of Top Producers of more than 10 agents and achieving Top Manager in Propnex.

This allows us to excel in both sales and team-building!

Caleb Tang

I believe I have vastly improved as an individual. From just a buy-sell agent in the past to an agent who is able to advise clients and guide them on growing their property wealth.

Most of the clients I’ve worked with over the years have also shared that they’ve seen me transform and mature from a kid into a reliable and trustworthy person.

Within just 6 months of joining MattLamDivision, my sales figures have almost tripled and I’ve purchased my first property as an asset. It is truly a blessing to be with the youngest division in Propnex.

The culture of support and learning is very strong and it definitely will change your mindset in how you approach your visions and goals.

With Matthew’s constant encouragement and motivation, I’ve seen and grabbed more opportunities to improve myself. I enjoy being able to go above and beyond to value-add to all my clients’ portfolios.

“Matthew’s age was never a concern but his maturity, heart, and 10 years of experience in Real Estate won me over.

He has proven himself to be patient, meticulous and detailed. He has given me more support and mentoring than all my previous career experiences added up together.

I’m able to attain this breakthrough is due to his commitment to know his members deeper, identify the root of problems and refining my strengths.”

- Brenda Koh ( Platinum Achiever)

“Joining PNG has given me firsthand exposure to their sharing culture. I am fortunate to be a part of this family that has given me so much and in turn allows me to give back to my clients.

Matthew provided the constant support and guidance that I was previously missing. His selflessness in consistently fine tuning and reviewing my business plan made today possible.”

Cassie Lam ( Platinum Achiever)

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