MattLamDivision Events

“MattLamDivision held its CNY 2020 Appreciation Night at Raffles Town Club, where they also celebrated the first 2 millionaires born within MattLamDivision!”

We came together to celebrate the birth of another Millionaire, Adrian Teng, and being the Champion Division consecutively for 3 years!

MattLamDivision CNY 2020 Appreciation

Framework, System and Character Development! That’s what we are all about! The complete package in real estate!

We are happy to come together as one big family to celebrate the success and dedication contributed by every member in 2019!

Ushering the new year with a bang! Sumptuous 8 course lunch that involves lobsters and abalone, LED lion dance and generous lucky draw! We were having loads of fun and excitement!

This time is to celebrate being Champion Division each time we promoted, consecutively for 3 years. We saw many members attaining their breakthrough, doubling or tripling their income upon crossing over. Milestones were achieved. Most importantly, another Millionaire, Adrian Teng, was produced from our division!

2020 will be an even more exciting year ahead and we believe that we will continue to experience our breakthrough here at #MattLamDivision!

To this date, #MattLamDivision has hit over 140 members!

MattlamDivision has truly become a big family and together to reap great success in the future!

#MattLamDivision 2019 Mid Year Celebration (Pong)

In July 2019, #MattLamDivision held its Mid-Year Appreciation at Pong.

We’ve truly grown into a big family and we wanted to celebrate this growth by showing our appreciation to each member.

Matthew lined up entertainment and various games for the members – to unwind, to let loose and to get to know each other better.

It is indeed heartwarming to see how much all the valuable members have achieved within a few months.

Today, MattLamDivision has hit over 140 members! We are on track to hit the $10 million sales target and with this big family, we can definitely achieve this goal together.

It was a memorable event, where everybody gets to know each other better, forging stronger bonds as we strive towards greater success!

MattLamDivision grew to a bigger family, with a bigger family in 2019, I am sure we will be able to work together more closely and achieve greater success together!

#MattLamDivision 2019 CNY Celebration

(Platinum Lounge)

MattLamDivision held its CNY & Promotion event at Platinum Vibes @ Keppel Bay. It’s the time of year once more to get together and celebrate as one family!

Our culture is always to be happy and genuine and I hope to continue this tradition. This event was organised to celebrate our Champion placing in Propnex and promotion to GDD in just 7 months.

9 of our members have achieved Platinums (earning >$100K) and 1 even achieving Super Platinum (earning >$250K) in 2018.

Our Top12 have crossed the $250K mark and our Team of 60 have crossed $5.5 million for 2018. The team has truly achieved awesome results!

Michelin Star chefs prepared a sumptuous variety of canapes to pamper our family for their dedication and hard work. With a Lion Dance to usher in the prosperous Year of The Pig, plenty of lucky draw cash prizes were won and we even had the first-ever fusion lohei!

For our award ceremony, we gave away a pair of SQ tickets to Japan, Australia and Hong Kong for the Top 3 Achievers of 2018 and Gold Class tickets for the monthly Top 3 Producers.

With a bigger family in 2019, I am confident we will be able to work together more closely and achieve greater success together!

MattLamDivision grew from 30 to 60+ members in 6 months.

Grabbing 2 Super Platinums, 3 Platinums in a single month!

#MattLamDivision Mid Year Appreciation 2018 Plonk

In July 2018, MattLamDivision held its Mid-Year Appreciation at Plonk in Serangoon Gardens.

The family has grown from 30 members to over 60 members within 6 short months.

So this heartwarming Mid-Year Appreciation was to allow all the members to have a cosy get-together to know each other better and for this family have a closer bond through an interactive personality bingo game which our committee members have planned.

Our core values of genuinity, being happy and treating each other like family definitely helped the new members feel more comfortable and realise the importance of these values as their pillars.

Today, the vision and the upholding of these values has reaped its rewards. MattLamDivision produced 2 Super Platinums and 3 Platinums in a single month, while most of the other members have once again, doubled or tripled their previous year’s income.

Matthew always sticks by his belief – “How else to better help a person, than by getting to know the person better.”
It was indeed a successful event, where MattLamDivision became an even tighter-knit family.

“We are the only division that has produced 2 Super Platinums (earning >$250K) within a short period of 6 months.

No wonder we’re the youngest champion division in Propnex!”

#MattLamDivision Final Year Appreciation

(Mambo Beach Club)

On October 2017, MattLamDivision celebrated all successes achieved in 2017, with its first ever up-scale event at Sentosa, Mambo Beach Club.

This is to celebrate the success of this wonderful family, where most of its members has doubled or tripled their previous year’s income within the first half of the year 2017.

Also, this appreciation event was the mark of the family’s milestone in growing from only 5 members to over 30 members in just 6 months.

The success was indeed an affirmation on the vision and direction that Matthew has set for the family.

Cultivating a culture of sharing, bonding and love, fostering close ties and genuinity among every member is the key to overcoming the obstacles in the real estate business.

MattLamDivision has since transformed many lives and even producing 3 Platinum Achievers (earning >$100K) in April 2018.