About Matthew Lam


At the age of 29, Matthew is the youngest leader and a consistent producer at Propnex.

He is one of the Top 10 Producers within Propnex and Champion District Director till date.

Excelling in both team-building and personal sales, he has doubled his income year on year, since 2014.

In 2017, Matthew achieved his 1-Million goal; became a role model and leading by example for his family #MattLamDivision.

Under the tutelage of PNG and guidance from Matthew, more members from #MattLamDivision have since become Super Platinum Achievers (>$250K in a month) and Platinum Achievers (>$100K in a month) with the rest doubling and tripling their previous year’s income in 2018, till date. 

By 26, his belief in real estate progression has compelled him to purchase his first property at City Gate. 

At 29, Matthew already owns his second property – a prestigious city fringe estate at Margaret Ville. 

Many of his #MattLamDivision members have followed his footsteps and purchased their first properties within a few months of joining the family – all well below the age of 28.

He is a consistent speaker at many seminars for real estate agents – sharing his experience and trademark presentation that has transformed many lives within his team and Propnex.

Unlike a factory where there is a “one-size-fits-all” model, Matthew believes in personal mentorship and crafting each model to each individual’s unique style. Where having a concise plan is a foundation and key stepping stone for them to have trail-blazing success. 

Putting his knowledge and experience to good use, he has expanded his portfolio by acquiring two more overseas investment properties. 

Matthew Lam – Millionaire Interview

On 24 May 2019, Matthew was the keynote speaker for the Propnex Q1 Quarterly Convention, delivering his speech in front of more than 2,000 PropNexians.

Where he shared his insights on the market trends and his secrets to achieving 3 months of consecutive Platinum (>$100K) in 2019.

What Propnex Executives Say


CEO of PropNex Singapore

“Though he look young, he leads a team of 50 people, a millionaire in 2017. Truly a strong leader, someone who can emulate and can grow with Matthew Lam”


Executive Director in PropNex

“He has grown his team to such a big size and he’s able to run his sales. In the year 2017, I witnessed his success in terms of being a millionaire in PNG Group and in PropNex as well”


Senior Group District Director

“Eventhough he’s very young, he’s able to set very young, he’s able to set very clear goals and direction for his people”